Formal Wear to Bathing Suits.....anything is possible
Gallery of Fashions
Kris V and Company
 18" Kitty Collier and Miss America outfits
Wedding Gown
Outfit and Lounge match !
Mink-like trim on a brocade shrug
Reversible Dress - Silk Print to Cotton
Inspired by an Original Tonner
outfit that is very hard to find and
very costly when you do.
A very "Spring-y" Suit done in Black
and White Check. Blouse is
reversible and Hat and Purse are
included. Spectator shoes also part
of the ensemble.
Close-up of Spectators shoes made
by Kingstate but painted by us.
Miss America in a Black and Gold
Gown...We also curl doll's hair as is
the case with this one.
Just right for a Summer Afternoon
My own designs for hats...can be adorned in many ways to match ensemble.
Custom-made Dress, Hat, Gloves and Shoes for my
favorite client......Nikki
A grouping of Grey separates...sweaters ,slacks and skirts
Dolls other than Kitty
Madame Alexander "Cissy"  21"
Linda Rick 18" Lovee Doll "Emily" with
Tonner's 10" Sophie in matching outfits
Tonner's 18" Ann Estelle
These shoes were painted to match
the dress fabric