About Us
Kris V and Company
My name is Kristin Villard and I am trying to stay home and
sew rather than get a real job. The "Company" part consists
of my friends around the country who provide services to
me so that I can pass them on to you. Robby is the Fashion
Police, Jewels makes the lingerie, clients come up with lots
of fashion ideas, Lexie will be providing the jewelry,  and
Gary (the husband) provides the home and sewing room.
My Background:
Born and raised in California, I started sewing when I was 10
years old. I was in a 4H Club circa 1960 in Orange County
when someone taught me to sew because raising livestock was
out of the question in the tract of homes we lived in. Boys
were taught woodworking and girls learned to sew and we
exhibited our goods at the Orange County Fair and I won a
ribbon. This inspired me on to bigger and better projects. By
junior high I was sewing Barbie doll clothes for friends,
teachers and myself. I graduated to people clothes by high
school and was making drill team outfits before long. No
Home Ec classes for me...I could already do that stuff.
I have made Prom dresses, Wedding dresses, Baby Blankets,
lengthened little girls dresses because they were growing too
fast, Men's suits, you name it....I've made it. I have worked
with cotton, silk, velvet, suede, fur, leather, lace, chiffon and
a myriad of other fabrics too numerous to mention. I can
design and execute an outfit from "scratch" or do my best to
reproduce something made by others.
Other Passions:
I love cats....cats are my children. We have 1 domestic cat and 1
feral cat at this time.
Somehow tho', little dogs have shown up...we have 2 of them now.
I love to garden, it is my quiet time with myself.....and the plants
benefit too.
I embroider, cross-stitch, needlepoint but do not knit or crochet.
I collect dolls, stuffed animals, hummingbirds, dragonflies, Boyd's
Purrstones and Priscilla Hillman's Mouse Tails and anything else that
is not nailed down.....shopping is what I do. Can
not pass up a
Kris V and Company
Saucy Walker Doll
done in Frog Motif